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Friday News - 01.06.2012
« am: 01.Juni.2012, 11:00 »
Info von Alexander "BlackSix" Timoshkov :

Friday Update will be late in the evening ... ...




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Re: Friday News - 01.06.2012
« Antwort #1 am: 01.Juni.2012, 16:23 »
Und hier ist es:

Good day everyone!

We continue to work on the patch. We’ve just completed all scheduled tasks dealing with performance improvements and will start on the list of various graphics glitches tomorrow. We’re also continuing to work on improving aircraft FM and system modules. These tasks will take at least four days, meaning we won’t being internal testing until next Friday at the earliest. If the internal test version is good and stable, it won’t take too long after that to release it to the public.

We also continue to introduce you to aircraft from our future not-yet-announced project. The official announcement is just a few short weeks away. Until then, we won’t be able to provide more details and answer specific questions, but please rest assured we aren’t in any way shape or form planning to move away from our reputation as the most realistic WWII sim on the market.
The plane we’re showing today is the famous Soviet LaGG-3 fighter that bore the brunt of the fighting alongside the I-16, Yak-1 and the MiG-3 in the most difficult early years of the war. Opinions on its quality differ greatly, however this forefather of the fearsome Lavochkin line of fighters remained in service with the Soviet VVS until the very end of the war.

Have a great weekend!

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Re: Friday News - 01.06.2012
« Antwort #2 am: 02.Juni.2012, 11:10 »
Na, dass hört sich doch vielversprechend an....... vor allem das "Opinions on its quality differ greatly, however this forefather of the fearsome Lavochkin"
Scheinbar brennt die LaGG immer noch nicht wie sie eigentlich sollte ;)